Ways to Healthy Sleep

Ways to Healthy Sleep

KOMPAS.com – Sleep disturbance is one of the health problems that can happen to anyone. Lack of sleep not only makes you sleepy easily, but also affect the overall health condition. So what to do? The first step is to establish a healthy routine before bed. some tips that you can try to make the mind and body to relax so that helps bring you to sleep more soundly and healthy.

1. Relax before bed                                                                .
Give your body time to relax at least 30 minutes before going to bed. Turn off televisions, computers, video games, or anything that can stimulate you to move. Allow your mind to switch from work mode to sleep mode. Keep all forms of electronic goods, such as mobile phones or i-phone, from your bed.                                                                               .
2. Eating, drinking, and maintaining healthy                                                                    .
Your body is like a big machine that requires the intake of food and drinks to your metabolism. Avoid large meals at night. Eat early and avoid fatty foods or foods that may interfere with your sleep ..
3. Relax                                                                                                                             .
If you find it difficult to cope with stress, try to do a routine that can make your body become more relaxed, for example, soak in warm water or sip a glass of warm milk. Do a little stretching or deep breathing relaxation techniques while listening to soothing music. Turn off the lights to induce the production of melatonin, a hormone that helps you to sleep.                                                           .
4. Avoid napping too late                                                                                              .
Be careful with your nap time. Although naps can be a great way to recharge or catch up on sleep, but if you take a nap too late, you may be having trouble sleeping at night.                            .
5. “Clean” your mind                                                                              .
Clean up all sorts of thoughts in your mind before deciding to move to the bed. How do I? Take a sheet of paper and write down all the problems and issues you are currently experiencing, such as job-related problems, conflict with someone, or financial problems. Do not forget to write down at least three things that can make you feel grateful.


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